1. Computer  Checkup & Diagnostic

System troubleshooting on PC’s and Laptops (as well for devices not purchased in-house) to identify issues that are creating system problems. After consultation you will receive an individual proposal for solution for debugging. Price: 59 €

2. Memory-, Drive- & Hardware Installation

Expand your computer’s potential with additional storage & memory space. We’ll install and configure a new hard drive or memory that will improve your PC’s performance (29 € per component). We can install older hardware or devices of manufacturers that we do not distribute. We’ll install your printer, scanner, camera or other peripheral and ensure it is working properly.

3. Operating System Installation

Installation of your machine operating system or if your computer has failed on you, we will reformat your hard drive, reinstall your operating system and get you back up and running. For the installation of Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 we charge 80 € and for Windows Vista 99 €. We will repair or install new software on your computer and configure it the way you want it for 29 €. Please feel free to approach us.

4. Laptop Repair & Upgrade

Expand your Laptops potential with additional storage, memory space and other components. Damaged parts e.g. broken displays or dusty fans will be exchanged or repaired in our workshop.

5. Data Recovery

Computer crash? Lost data? We’ll get it back for you!

6. Next Business Day

Very urgent cases can be handled for an additional NBD fee of 80 €. Your request will be solved either the same day or guaranteed next business day provided that parts are in stock.

7. Spyware / Virus Removal

Complete removal of malicious programs on a PC including, but not limited to, Trojans, Virus, Spyware, Adware, & Hijacker.

8. Cleanup & Optimization

Professional removal of dust deposit on fan and air cooler, replacing heat conductive paste on the chip which will prevent overheat damages. Display, keyboard and complete case will be cleaned as well. The optimization also includes speedy customized settings and removal of unnecessary programs upon request. Price: PC 45 Euro, Laptop 65 Euro.

9. On-Site-Service

Set up and configure a secure basic home network, share the internet, files and printer. We will set up and secure up to 2 computers in your network.  Home/ small office setup configuration of network hardware, activation of security features, allowing PC and hardware to wirelessly connect. We will set up wireless encryption key to protect your files and information. We are flexible on short-notice scheduling. Call-out fee depending on distance. Please check the overview below:

Call-out fees:

Bad Godesberg   15 €

Out of town up to 15 km  20 €

Over 15 km up to max. 50 km 30 €

To get a detailed listing of all services and prices please click here.

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